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Business can be full of surprises. Your loan shouldn’t be.

  • Fixed fee, no interest rate
  • No origination fee
  • No prepayment penalty
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A fixed fee between 3.5% and 14% is based on a 12-month term. We determine your fixed fee based on term length and creditworthiness, among other considerations1. More about fixed fees.

Daily automatic repayment. Because time is money.

We tailor your repayment plan to the seasonality and fluctuations of your business. Repay your loan automatically with a percentage of your credit and debit card receivables or from your business bank account. Some repayment methods may not be available to everyone. More about repayment.

Get an early repayment rebate

Pay off your loan early and you may be eligible for a rebate up to 25% of your fixed fee. More about early repayment.

Your loan: Step-by-Step

Apply online or by phone. We’ll review your information to determine your eligibility and loan terms.

If approved, you'll get your money in a few business days and then automatic repayment begins.

Pay off your loan early and you may qualify for a rebate. And, if eligible, apply to renew for additional funds.

Calculate my Repayment

Use this simple tool to estimate your repayment based on a sample fixed fee of 6% and a 12-month repayment term.

Between $5,000 and $2,000,000
Total Repayment
Loan amount + (loan amount × fixed fee percentage)
Total repayment / number of days in your repayment term

This tool illustrates repayment from receivables and assumes equal daily receivables. Your actual daily receivables may fluctuate causing your daily repayment amount to vary. Repayment occurs daily; the monthly amount shown is for reference only. More about repayment.

Early Repayment Rebate

This tool assumes the total outstanding balance is paid in full within 180 days of disbursement and reflects the maximum 25% rebate, per the sample 12-month term.

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American Express® Merchant Financing loans are commercial loans. The loans are secured by business assets, excluding real property and motor vehicles. Merchant Financing is not a purchase/discounting of receivables or a cash advance. To be eligible for a Merchant Financing loan, your business must accept the American Express Card and satisfy other eligibility requirements. A business can have only one Merchant Financing loan at a time. Not all industries are eligible for a Merchant Financing loan. For loans of $35,000 or less, a personal guaranty may be required. After you submit an application for a loan, and if approved, we will tell you how much your business can borrow, the fee for the loan and the repayment method, which will each be determined based on the creditworthiness of you and/or your business and other factors. If approved for a loan, funds will be disbursed to the business bank account in which your business receives settlements for credit and debit card transactions. Repayment options may include automatic debits via ACH every business day in a fixed amount from your business bank account or a daily withholding of a percentage of your business’ credit and debit card receivables. To remain in good standing, your business must continue accepting the American Express Card during the term of the loan, meet minimum repayment obligations, and satisfy other criteria contained in your loan agreement. Late fees and fees for insufficient funds may be assessed. Early repayment rebates of either 25% or 10% of the fee for the loan are contingent on there being no default and the date of the early repayment, which varies by repayment term.

1. A fixed fee, which is a percentage of your loan amount, will apply. Fixed fees vary by customer and are based on the creditworthiness of you and/or your business and other factors including your processing arrangements, referral source, and term. Fixed fees range from 1.75-7% (6‑Month Term), 3.5-14% (12‑Month Term), and 7-28% (24‑Month Term).

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